• T FOR MEN / Made in Holland! Cradle of barbers


After Shave (250 ml.)

Thanks to its active based tannin, vitamin C, menthol and jojoba, we got a dermo moisturizing and nourishing effect on the skin, it helps heal and keeps the skin soft and recovered.

Application: Apply to face and neck with gentle tapping and insisting on the most irritated areas.


Beard Recovery (250ml)

Thanks to Tannin , argan oil and its emollients help moisturize, soften and soothe the itching. Protect hair from dirt and external agents.

Application: put a dollop on the fingers of your hands, expand on both hands and begin to distribute from root to tip. Start at the neck, spread it to the tip on the chin and up towards the cheeks . Distribute it first on the skin, massaging gently, and then go up to the surface hairs. So you can get both hydration and skin care and the hair of your beard.


Beard & Hair Shampoo (300 ml.)

One of the products of dual function T FOR MEN, designed to care for and respect the natural balance of the skin, its dual action sets a perfect balance and balance in skin while its agents with Tanino patent promotes hydration while prevents frizz appearance and rigid in our beard.

Application: For daily use, apply directly to the skin with the dosing creating vertical lines allowing shampoo BEARD directly from reaching the skin, leave on for 30 seconds, emulsify gently with BEAR BRUSH and rinse sequentially to remove any shampoo, repeat application process if necessary (recommended in extremely populated beards make two applications).


Shaving Gel (300 ml.)

T SHAVE FOR MEN transparent with its patented formula GEL proposes a new concept of shaving, softens the fiber while moisturizes and lubricates the skin creating a new feeling totally comfortable and pleasant shave.

With T FOR MEN shave You can perform a traditional classic shaving, while its gel format allows delineate and mark, offering better visibility to the barber giving a much more successful outcome.

Application: Apply on the palm of your hand, use the method to delineate drop application or the classic method for shaving traditional classic. It is recommended to leave for 3 minutes.